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Thread: Nipple confusion?

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    Default Nipple confusion?

    My baby was born large, 9lbs 5oz and had low blood sugar and was fed some formula and then hooked up to an IV in the hospital. We had a lot of trouble with getting him back to breast and now that he is home it is an ordeal.

    He gets to the initial stages of hunger and we put him to the breast and he bonks his head against the breast, trys a latch but slips off. Most of the time, we can end of getting a latch after about 45 minutes of trying (and calming the baby as he gets frustrated and starts to cry). I don't know what I am doing to cause the problem and my milk supply isn't coming in as expected (It has been 6 days and I don't think all my milk is in).

    I am not getting any sleep, because he feeds and then stops and maybe sleeps for an hour or so before we have to start the whole ordeal again. Is there a better technique? I noticed a nurse-in and I might be willing to try, but my c-section makes staying still in bed very difficult...


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    you realy should get some local help.
    is there a lll leader in your area? That would be the 1st step.
    either that or a lc ($$$) from your hospital.
    You might just need some help finding a postion that will work for your baby.
    do you have a boppy pillow? Babies that come off the breast sometimes need help to stay on. And if your breast are large it makes it worse for them. heres a link about that

    Babies need to nurse alot in the 1st few weeks the more they nurse the more milk supply they are bulding.
    Taking the baby to bed is a great idea. will the baby nurse laying down?

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    Default Re: Nipple confusion?

    Could you call your local IBCLC or LLL Leader?

    Is he having enough wet and dirty diapers?

    Are you only nursing or are you pumping, as well? How many times per day has your baby been nursing?

    One thing that might help is skin to skin contact. Disrobe yourself from the waist up. Have your baby unclothed (except for a diaper). Lay him on your chest between your breasts or on your stomach beneath your breasts. There is no pressure to nurse, just allow him time to explore. **ETA: The goal is to get your baby to nurse. If your baby is not nursing, know that the #1 rule is FEED THE BABY** This will do two things: It will release hormones in your body that will help with milk production AND it will help your baby's instinct to breastfeed. If you worry about baby getting cold, simply wear a robe that can cover both of you, or wrap a blanket around the both of you. This article has a little description:

    This info might be helpful, too:

    Please keep us updated!
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