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    I have seen to often recently on another board mamas stating as a fact that their babies were allergic to their BM. Is this possible? I know people always say it's not possible but I want numbers and info... Is it one of those things thats "only in rare instances" and if so - what are the numbers for that? I couldn't really find anything in the LLLi pages.

    On an aside, is it better to say nothing to a mama who is saying that or give her information; assuming she has already long since weaned and is going to "try" for the next bb...
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    I did read something about being ellergic to some componant of breastmilk in the allergy forum, it seems like it is possibale but its quite rare.


    I checked it out and this is what I read,

    Quote Originally Posted by aost View Post

    I remember reading a lengthy article online about how BF'ing women with allergic babies have higher levels of something in their blood--the interleukin-something that Neesha mentioned does ring a bell..maybe that was it, This higher level of whatever makes it so the baby cannot tolerate the BM--I'm a little hazy on the details--I'll see if I can dig it up.

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    I don't have my books here to look it up at the moment, but on telling the mother, you could say how then information she was given was wrong (if it was) and that her child has done lovely anyway (which I assume is the case)

    I think it's better to give correct information, assure them though it's not their fault (when following medical advice) and give reassurance their child is still happy and healthy, and although they made a mistake per say, the child is fine, if that makes sense.

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    Default Re: Allergic to Breast Milk

    Not possible..maybe components of the breastmilk, milk protein ect but not the milk..

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    I've heard people say that too. My next door neighbor's grandson is supposedly allergic to his mom's milk, as they were told by a prominent hospital in the area. I just assume, since that is so rare, that the child was allergic/intolerant to something in mom's diet that is coming through the BM and the doctor's just "neglected" to explain or verify that... It's sad that so many mom's are given misinformation and end up switching to formula because that's what their doctor gave as an easy fix. Often times it seems it is not.

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    heres a good link from kelly moms...

    check out the other links at kelly moms too.
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