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Thread: Baby's Breath -- normal?

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    Default Baby's Breath -- normal?

    Okay, this may be a weird question, but did anyone else notice a change in how their baby's breath smelled around 4 months? My dd had a difficult time with digestive issues. I had a very medicalized birth and they had to do some extra suctioning with her since she had swallowed/aspirated meconium.

    After they brought her to me I noticed her breath smelled somewhat antisceptic-like and I kept noticing this the early months. At first I assumed it was due to the suctioning but it lasted a while. Now she has what I guess is normal milk breath...it's sweet, but definitely different. A lot of things have changed for the better for us both in our bfeeding relationship, and I think they're all linked (her poop is different now too and she's no longer crying).

    Any ideas of what was going on?

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    Default Re: Baby's Breath -- normal?

    I'm guessing it's probably just her digestive system maturing and getting used to eating. Just a guess, though.

    I noticed a cahnge in my baby's breath, too, although I'm not sure when it happened. It smelled sort of like alcohol (rubbing, not drinking- haha) at first. Not exactly, but that's what it reminded me of. I only get an occasional whiff of it now, particularly after she's nursed and if she hasn't eaten solid foods in a while. I love that smell though, it reminds me of the tiny baby she used to be.

    I'm glad to hear that things are changing for the better for you. I've sort of gotten used to things constantly changing with a baby. Just when you think you've gotten a routine down and gotten used to things as they are, something new happens. Like crawling...walking...teeth...etc .
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    Default Re: Baby's Breath -- normal?

    What kind of digestive issues? Four months is the peak of reflux, so if that is one of your issues, it could be that? Perhaps she is refluxing a little more than usual and you are smelling that.

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