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Thread: Totally Ticked Off!!!!

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    Maybe she is picking up on your stress levels. Which probably go up when she starts fussing. Have you ever heard of a product called "MamaCalm" it is supposed to help with your stress and also calm the baby. I am using it and I have a cousin who uses it and out of the 6 new babies in the family in the past year... we have the calm ones. It may not related to the product, but it is worth a try.

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    I definitely agree w/the pp that your stress level is likely to cause low milk production & possibly even stressing your LO b/c they pick up on our stress.
    Two wks will come & go quickly and you'll be in sunny CA. Maybe see if your DH can take care of your LO for part of the day while you take a break and get a massage or see a movie or something just to relax yourself. Good luck w/the move and getting back on track w/BF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garreysmum View Post

    I just don't know what to do...my husband has started giving her formula when I am not looking...which really pisses me off!!! arg...i am at a loss. How can I increase my production...she always seems to eat better if my breast is fuller! HELP!
    If DD nurses better when your breast are fuller it might be because she is getting used to the flow of the bottle, and your milk comes out faster when you are fuller. She may get frusterated if she has to work at it too hard otherwise. What kind of bottle nipple are you using? Does it have a very fast flow? If so maybe you can switch to a slower one. You will want to be sure to pump if your DH gives formula, or you will start producing less because your body will know that DD isn't taking in as much from you. Hang in there! So it's tough for you now

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