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Thread: starting BLS/BLW?

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    Default starting BLS/BLW?

    Hello all! Newbie here!

    I have the most adorable (of course!) 5-month-old baby, Jack.

    I am intending to do BLS/BLW with him. He is exclusively breast fed - and I'm very proud of that!

    He's starting to show signs that he's ready - I think? He grabs at our food, plates and cuttlery when we eat. He watches the food as we take it from our plates to our mouths. He can hold toys well, picks them up himself and drags them towards him and of course they go straight into his mouth! For the past week or so he's been very fussy when we've been eating; I think he feels left out of the game! He's even lunged towards out food, with his mouth wide open!

    But I'm reluctant to start before he's 6 months (in 3 weeks) as I've heard there is a risk of allergies forming (we have a lot of allergies in the family).

    Also does it matter that he cannot sit unaided yet?

    Any support/advice would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: starting BLS/BLW?

    trust your instincts, its not as if hes three months. there is not magic number. start slow. Good luck, let us know how it goes!. also with the bls approach it may be another three weeks before the food actually makes it to his tummy so i think your right on target. Remember its called "BABY LED SOLIDS" so let your baby lead, he will be fine in my opinion.
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    Default Re: starting BLS/BLW?

    I have a 5-month-old son too, and am seriously considering BLS. I'm glad to know there are others too!

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