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Thread: Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?

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    Default Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?

    Dd will be 6 weeks on Monday. I swear she wants to eat ALL the time. Dd #1 was a chunky baby but she seemed to eat much better. She knew she was at the breast to eat, she would eat and then be content for 3-4 hours. This baby seems to eat every 90 minutes. I have plenty of milk so I know that is not the issue. Of course the woman at the bank who never nursed anyone insisted she was not getting enough to eat but what does she know!!! Anyway, I don't think a growth spurt could last this long, anyone else feel that their baby eats all the time??

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    Default Re: Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?

    Yes I did feel that way from time to time. Always attributed it to growth spurt, needing mama, or something inbetween Here's a nice link to just make sure s/hes getting enough Here's a nice link that talks about growth spurts. Here's a LLL link on constantly nursing babies.

    Good luck! You're doing fine!
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    Default Re: Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?

    Some babies just like mummy cuddles more than others! As long as she's doing plenty of wet and dirty nappies, is gaining weight, and generally happy and active, she's getting enough!

    My DS is 5 months and he still feeds about every 30-45mins during the day (less often if he's distracted by daddy or we go out!) He has a good feed after naps (15-20mins), then likes to have a little snack/drink (for no more than 5 mins) then another feed to sleep. He used to feed constantly, so this is a huge improvement.

    As baby gets older she'll become more efficient at feeding and won't spend so much time on your nipple.

    I see it as time to spend with him and a great excuse to put my feet up!

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    Default Re: Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?

    I wonder the very same thing all the time. And my LO, who is 9 weeks old, feeds every hour sometimes. I have to give her some formula from time to time just to get a 2-3 hour window so I can pay bills, nap, etc., [since it takes longer to digest formula]. The weird thing is that sometimes after BFing for 45 minutes or so, she'll de-latch and then cry for more food. I'll even give her formula after that and she'll guzzle a whole 3 ounces! I'm hoping that's because of a growth spurt.

    I can't imagine that a baby who requests food every hour or so ISN'T getting enough, unless they're just using the nipple as a pacifier. But my LO is swallowing so I don't know.

    By the way, DO NOT listen to people who haven't breast fed. They know nothing usually.

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    Default Re: Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?

    Breastmilk digests in 90 minutes, so it is natural for a younger baby to nurse that often. Also, comfort is a big contributor. Some babies nurse a lot just to suck or be near mama. If you ever think LO is not getting enough, just count diapers. It should be 2-3 poops as well as 6-8 wets(a couple more for cloth dipes) in a 24 hour period. It gets easier in time!

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    Default Re: Do you ever question if baby is getting enough?


    I think it sounds like her 6 week growth spurt.

    Sometimes growth spurts may only last a couple of days, other times a week or over.

    My daughter's 4 month growth spurt lasted about 2 weeks!

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