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Thread: Eating too much?

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    Is it possible for my LO to eat too much? I talk to some people that offer only one side at feedings and other who offer one side for 15 minutes and then top of with the other side for another 5 minutes. My LO has been pretty consistent with eating for 10 on each side (I allow him to drop off on his own). Lately, though, he has been erratic and eating one side for almost 20, so i am not offering the other side. He is fine for 2.5 hours and then hungry again. But the next time he will take both sides (i am usually really full on the side he didn't take too) So, i know he is getting a lot more. Is it possible for him to over feed? I don't know if i should try to keep him more consistent. He is 9 weeks old and has gained very well. he started at 5lbs 10oz and at 8 weeks was 9lbs 2 oz. Pretty much a week ahead of "schedule" So, i wasn't sure if he was getting too much. He doesn't look chunky like a lot of babies i've seen. I try to allow him to eat when he wants it, which is usually not any sooner than 2.5 hours and typically around 3. Much longer than 3 during the day is unusual. At night he is going about 4 hours between meals and sometimes will hit a 6 hour feeding once every few days. He also doesn't typically spit anything up but burps a lot (though today was unusual in that department, but very little and i think it was more to the fact that i was running errands and was jostled a bit more than usual) He is also very gassy and I am concerned that he may continue to nurse after 20 minutes to make him feel better.... anyway, a lot of information for a basic question. Can you tell this is my first??
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    You cant over-feed/ over-nurse a baby. Just let him eat what he wants. He might just need more right now for whatever reason.

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    I agree with the PP. BF babies know when they are full and stop eating.

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