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Thread: Poo back to "breastmilk" type with solids

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    Default Poo back to "breastmilk" type with solids

    My son (15 months) has been eating food off our plate, but still breastfeeding about 5-6 times a day. When we first introduced solids, his poo became firmer and more formed. But now it's back to the yellow, soft poo like he used to have when only breastfeeding. Is this normal?? TIA for your comments.
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    Default Re: Poo back to "breastmilk" type with solids

    yup normal!

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    Default Re: Poo back to "breastmilk" type with solids

    Could he be teething with his molars? Sometimes teething can cause the bowel movements to become softer or even diarrhoea.

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    Default Re: Poo back to "breastmilk" type with solids

    Yeah I second teething.

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