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Thread: No milk so how do you enjoy food?

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    Talking Re: No milk so how do you enjoy food?

    Yep milk was aculprit for me too.
    Just an observation isn't it interesting how common it is. it makes you rethink how good dairy is for adults as well! My asthma is better no to mention less fat in my diet. I have supplemented 2x with form ula and myped gave me soy

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    Default Re: No milk so how do you enjoy food?

    I thought runny bowel movements were normal in breastfed babies, my DD was like that for 8 months! and many, many per day (and I don't drink milk). Aren't there other signs of milk allergy? Just wondering...

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    I too feel your pain! I've been having milk withdrawals for 5 weeks now! I pray every day that her intolerance doesn't last very long, but I do have to say I lost my baby weight and then some within a month, and I do believe not eating dairy helped.

    I've been living off of chocolate flavored almond milk and vegan chocolate chip cookies from Trader Joes for my chocolate fix. I avoided the soy milk because I heard milk intolerant babies can sometimes have soy issues too, and almond milk is pretty low in calories.

    Thank goodness for TJs and Whole Foods! If you have a Whole Foods nearby, you can get a list of of their products that do not have dairy in it in the store and off the website. I haven't used it yet but I'm sure I will soon...

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    Sorry to those that have cut dairy out... I haven't done that and don't think I could I'm a very big milk drinker I drink it at least 3times a day.

    Glad u ladies have found alternatives to drinking milk and finding out that that's what is causing the intolerance.

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