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Thread: suck, suck, YANK!

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    My lo'll be 3 months this week. She latches on for a full feeding when she's tired but during the day she'll take a couple sucks, twists her neck so she's pulling my boob as if it were made of rubber, unlatches and faces the ceiling, yells and dive-bombs back on my nipple. This cycle repeats over and over. Sometimes I just end the session, she'll cry for the few seconds it takes to get my bra resnapped, but then can be easily distracted and smiling once I start talking to her.

    I'm feeling stretched out a bit, but mostly worried that when she has teeth this will be a big problem and jealous of the other moms in my bf group who seem to have very peaceful nursing babies. Which I know they don't always, but sometimes it seems that way.

    Any ideas? TIA!

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    maybe she's just enjoying the world around her. it doesn't sound all that bad as you didn't say she wasn't gaining weight. i've heard of some babies ending nursing on their own but never this young. she'll either grow out of it or u'll get used to it

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    My LO holds a passi while nursing and pulls on it with her hands. I know other moms use a nursing necklace while nursing.
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    My lo did just that at that age . . he got over it but then he started other things . . .now he pulls off, turns his head away from me and won't eat again until I switch sides, even if he had only been on for 2 minutes! He is so opinionated already! And the whole divebombing . . .know it so well! While screeching! I totally know what you mean about being a little jealous of calm nursing babies . . . I wish! but ours are special anyway! They may be crazy, but they are fun! Don't worry this too shall pass . . . and then on to new fun things! Yeah!

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    I too sometimes yearn for the early days when my lo would peacefully nurse.
    Now at 5 mo. she's easily distracted, doesn't let go when she turns her head, sometimes will only nurse laying down (not convenient when out!)will angrily start sucking then pull away, arch her back, fuss, then root around again and start the whole process over. I find it's easier for me and less frustrating for her to take her off, get interested in something else and come back and try again in a little while. From what other mothers in my BFing support group say this is all familiar behavior around this age, so you're not alone.

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