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    It seems that I continue to have issues with breastfeeding my one month old! Although we have come a long way, it seems new problems keep arising. We are mostly breastfeeding ok but sometimes use a shield. The past few days my babe has started crying hysterically when he's feeding and it's not because he has to burp or anything I can figure out. So, out of sheer frustration and not knowing what else to do, I use the nipple shield and that seems to solve the problem-he stops crying and starts eating. Does anyone have ANY idea why this is?? I think it could be because my nipple doesn't seem to get hard enough, but I just am completely confused.

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    The only thing I could think of is overactive letdown -- your milk might be flowing too fast for him to keep up. Does he gulp a lot when he feeds, or let milk drip out?

    Nipple shields are used, besides for helping with latch, to help with overactive let down, because it slows the flow of the milk. Have you tried nursing on your side? How does he handle that? Does it hurt some when you have a let down? (Mine does, but I pump so I don't have to worry)
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