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Thread: MIL supplementing w/rice porridge

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    have you thought about trying to add one more pumping session in. It may only take a few days to increase your supply, then you wont have to worry about the heavy metals your mil is worried about. Just a suggestion I know your a working mom and very busy, but that may help!
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    I use the Super Baby Foods book and it suggests a Super Porridge which made of whole grains such as Brown Rice. Being Chinese, my mother suggested rice porridge too, but I didn't want to give my LO white rice, so we basically make porridge out of brown rice. The key is to make sure it's pureed (if already cooked) or I grind the brown rice prior to cooking to make sure the consistency is okay for my LO.

    Hope this helps! Culturally I believe Asians have been feeding rice porridge forever - I do agree that putting it into a bottle is probably not a good idea though based on everything I've read.

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