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Thread: When to give from our plates?

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    Default When to give from our plates?

    Hey gals!

    DD will be 7 mos on the 1st of Sept. She started solids at 5.5 mos. She now eats veggies, fruits, and yobaby yogurt. I do the homemade babyfood as it is easier adn cheaper. I also give her "real" fruit, not talways pureed--grapes but teeny tiny, mashed banana, mashed nectarine, etc...She CONSTANTLY is looking at our food and wanting it.
    When is it okay to start giving her more? when can I give cherrios(and what kind-plain?), what about meats real soft with no spices? If she can hold green beans can she munch on one herself with me at the table? What about the gerber baby puffs? or teething cookies? So many questions!

    Thanks for the help!
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    Has she mastered the pincher grasp yet? If so you can give her cheerios to start with if you'd like. I would give the plain ones without the sugar. You can also do soft foods, like bananas, avocado, etc., cut into pieces that she can pick up.

    I've always let my DD eat from our plate as she always wants to feed herself and we normally ate things that I know is good for her and just watch for allergic reactions. Introduce them the same way you would introduce a new food and just watch her for any reaction. HTH

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    Default Re: When to give from our plates?

    I started giving my from my plate around 7 months. DS would grab at my plate, spoon, food, etc. and scream when I took it away, so I figured it was time. I think the big part of baby led solids (as stated in the PP) is letting baby tell you when she's ready.

    I let him have the gerber puffs and teething cookies at about 7 months, when he was able to grab them with the 'pincer grasp'. HTH.

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    I started giving from my plate around 7 months. For cheerios we waited until he mastered the pincer grasp and we give the completely plain organic ones by Cascadian Farm.

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