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Thread: Oh Doctors...

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    I took DS in to doctors yesterday, he has always had reflux but been a happy spitter...not so happy anymore! He is also spitting up much more...and SCREAMING all night. So we got him some Zantac...oh he is 8.5 months old. Anyway, doctor was asking about solids, and I said I just started them. "Well, what is he eating?" Um, avocado, pears, sweet potatoes, bananas, a little bit of carrots, little bit of this and that. Not really much...doctor: "He eats avocado?" me: "Yes"...doctor: "What about rice cereal?" me: "Nope, no rice cereal" docotr: "Why not?" me: "I don't think it is really neccessary." doctor: "Thats strange." I just smiled...doctor: "Avocado huh? How do they jar that?"

    I couldn't believe it! I just giggled! Told him DS only gets the good stuff...processed only by me!

    Where do these people get their educations?


    p.s. I don't think this is diet related, it picked up after he became mobile. I try and keep him upright after eating, but if I sit him on the floor he immediately gets on his stomach and starts moving. Then spits spits spits!
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    Don't you hate when they think everybody is the same, like we're all supposed to go a crash course and follow the same protocol and become a robot mom! Do they know the word INDIVIDUALS!

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