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Thread: Yeasty Diapers

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    Smile Yeasty Diapers

    In the last 2-3 days, my ds's poop has smelled really yeasty. Is that something to be concerned about? Breastmilk poop smells a little yeasty to me anyway, but this is much stronger than normal. He smells like a bread factory, I swear!!

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    I read this on another website about another Mom having the same yeasty baby poop smell. She said her doctor said it was normal. I added the quote below and here's the link too. Hope that helps.


    Regarding the comments on a popcorn smell. . . Are you sure it isn't a yeast smell? Both of my breastfed only children had times when the diapers smelled like yeast or undercooked bread. The dr. had said this is normal and yeast occurs naturally in their bodies. 4032145
    6:09 AM on 08/23/2004 Cheryl

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