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    I am at a loss... I have 3 week old that was born 4 weeks early. She was 5lbs 3oz at birth and 4lbs 13oz when we left the hospital two days later. Because she was pre mature, the doctor wants me to pump ALL of my breast milk to bottle feed her with neosure formula mixed in with my breast milk, this way she gets the extra calories and we know how many ounces she is eating at a feeding. I pump every two hours during the day and every 4 hours at night, and I can only get about 1 or 1 1/2 oz combined per pumping. She is now eating almost 3 oz per feeding. Because I am supposed to pump everything, my milk supply is decreasing. When I first started pumping when we came home from the hospital, I was able to pump a little more than 2 oz combined. What can I do to increase my milk that is safe for my preemie?

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    Congratulations on your new baby.
    I want to share our experience with you as we went through a very similar situation. My son was born 3.5 weeks early. He weighed 5lbs 1oz. I had to stay at the hospital for 1 week until my milk was established and until the baby could feed well. I had a lot of help from nurses and lactating consultants. I'm suprised they let u go so early.
    I was advised to put baby at breast on demand or every 3 hrs max day or night. I didn't pump a lot as they wanted the baby to learn how to feed. To teach the baby we used a very small amount of supplement(5-10ml) in a seringe with a long thin tube attached to it. I put the baby to the breast and slide the tube into baby's mouth, that was a bit tricky. That way we could tell if he had good suction, when he did we would see the liquide go down. I only did this for the first 4 days and on the 5th day my milk came in and didn't need any more supplement. My DS did not start gaining weight until the 7th day where they gave us the OK to go the next day. He was 4lbs12oz when we left the hospital (had gained 3oz from his lowest weight) and weighed 5lbs8oz 2 days (9days old)later where we had to bring him for a check up.
    All I can advise you to do is to concentrate on putting baby to the breast rather than pumping and bottlefeeding. Even if you have to feed her 24/7 until you have a good supply. And you will know when you have enough. Your daughter will have enough wet and dirty diapers(at least 6-8/day). I was even told not to give a bottle or pacifier until he was 4-6 weeks old.
    Another thing to look for is if she is still gaining weight, even if it is a small amount.
    With weight gain and wet & dirty diapers tells you the baby has enough calories, not the amount there is in a bottle. I know I babbled a lot here but I don't think we always get the best advice from our trusted Dr. You should also get a hold of your local LC. They are a lot of help. Hope that helps.
    I'm sure you'll get a lot of good advice from this sight. Good Luck

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