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Thread: frozen milk catastrophe!

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    Angry frozen milk catastrophe!

    you would NOT believe what just happened tonight...

    We just got our new refridge last week. So I took a few months worth (4 huge ziplock bags of all the small milk storage bags) of frozen breast milk for the baby up and stored it in the freezer in the new house. We havent moved in yet while the floor refinishers work, and when we went up to check on the progress of the floors tonight, we found that the workmen blew 3 fuses.... and the fridge has been turned off for days. almost all of the baby's food is gone. it took me a long time to save all that. I was hoping to have enough stockpiled that I would be able to stop pumping soon. I cried so hard. I totaly flipped out. I could not believe it. some of it was still half frozen slush, but I don't think we can refreeze that. Ugh, I'm just sick to my stomach. all that work! Can you believe it! My husband says we should charge them $3 an oz. That would be like almost $1000!

    I cried like a big fat baby. Ah well, back to being a slave to the pump.

    I assume I can not refreeze the partial slush milk... one bag that was in the back did not 100% thaw. correct?

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    Default Re: frozen milk catastrophe!

    That really, really sucks!! and unfortunately you can refreeze that milk. About charging them, ain't going to replace the milk, but the least the could it do since they knew a fridge was there was to call you guys as soon as it happened; a complain should take place, that was very irresponsible from them. I know how you feel on the irreplaceable thing, my mom just had the bright idea to send my jewelry (worth over 2k) in a packages with my birthday present and some stuff I left at home through the mail, with no insurance. The package arrived almost empty, clothes missing, my birthday present, shoes, and MY JEWELRY (which I didn't ask to be sent). I don't care about the money, the sentimental value was immense, I had my baby' s earrings (24 YO) which I passed on to my daughter, some other sentimental stuff that belong to grandma, my mom, my name engraved on some stuff (same name as my daughter), my daughter's first earring and bracelet, my son's first bracelet and my hubby's first present to me (a nice necklace with diamond pendant and earrings) and more! All that happened on my B-day! I cried for hours and unfortunately scream at my mom through the phone, I just went crazy!! Sorry but I needed to vent, I still can't get over that or think I will (I still crying for a stuff animal my mom threw away 10 years ago), I'm very sentimental! I was supposed to passed everything to my DD and so on!!

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    Wink Re: frozen milk catastrophe!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mami_Kathy
    (I still crying for a stuff animal my mom threw away 10 years ago), I'm very sentimental! I was supposed to passed everything to my DD and so on!!
    My beloved PillowDog, Mom pitched him. I understand. Myhusband ad my mother both think I save too much, now that dd is here I am happily sharing bits of my childhood with her and it is making it all worthwhile.

    Ria -
    I am so sorry about your milk. I would have completely flipped out. I go nuts when I find bottles in the house form my husband that have an ounce or so left in them. All my best,
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    Default Re: frozen milk catastrophe!

    OMG what a bunch of idiots! I would have gone off! I'm sorry hun *hugs*
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    Default Re: frozen milk catastrophe!

    Partial slush you can refreeze. ONLY if it still has ice crystals. Otherwise, you can use the milk w/in 24 hours.

    ((((hugs)))) I'm so sorry that happened to you. How incredibly frustrating!

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