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    Esai started on oatmeal when he was 4 months. He was 2.5 x his birthweight, so the doc said it was a good time. The doc is supportive of BFing and usually recommends no solids until 6 months, but because Esai had gained so much so fast, he said it might be a good time to give him something extra, but not to decrease his BM intake.

    At 5 months, we started single foods: bananas, avacadoes, sweet potatoes ... next week peas, then apples.

    We just do a little in the morning and a little bit at night.

    Anyway ... When he's 6 months, I want to start giving him three solids a day. So answer me this:

    1. Do I (or daycare) feed him a meal of breastmilk (or expressed BM) first, then feed him his solids?

    2. He shouldn't decrease his BM intake yet, right?

    3. When should he decrease his BM intake, if ever?

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    DD is 6.5 months and eats 2 times a day. Here is our rough schedule

    7am BF
    8:30/9 fuit and yobaby yogurt
    11-12ish bf
    anywhere btwn 12-2 grapes
    2-3ish bf
    5ish bf
    6ish veggies
    8 bf then sleep
    1130ish bottle fo water/jiuce
    1-2ish bf
    4-5ish bf

    HOpe that helps!
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    Default Re: How to feed solids ...

    Until 12 months, it is always first BM or EBM and then solids. He should not decrease his BM intake until then. He should be taking 24-32oz of BM a day. After 12 months, BM intake gradually decreases to 16 oz as his solid intake increases.

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