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Thread: Constipation in a bf baby?

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    backed up gas can cause an explosion too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ansley View Post
    If it isn't constipation why is his belly hard and why does it go everywhere when he finally does go? He finally pooped late last night as dh was rocking him. It went all over ds's clothes and dh's pants. After we got them changed, ds went right to sleep. It was the best he slept in 2 nights. It just seems to be getting worse each time.

    I give mylicon drops at least once a day anyway. Hospital employees said it was safe for every bottle and dd needed it a lot.
    Constipation is hard dry pellet like poop caused from a lack of fluid. Do you think that's possible in your EBF child? If the poop look like rabbit pellets then you have a constipated child. If it was the color and consistency of peanut butter than it was NORMAL breast fed poop and like everyone else here who has experienced this is telling you it's nothing to worry about. I'm sorry you have had issue with constipation with your other children. However based on your last post, it hasn't happened with any of your children WHILE you were exclusively breast feeding. And 10 week olds cry about a lot of things. If you THINK it's because he's in pain because you are projecting how you or I would feel if we hadn't pooped in days than it play out that way. I remember the 1st time it happened to me. My child was literally pooping every time he ate. I couldn't believe that he could comfortably go from that to NOT pooping for days. On day 5 the Pedi told me not to even bother to call back until day 9. Between day 5 & 7 every time he cried I was SURE if was because he was in pain. After the 1st time when it continued to happen I stopped stressing about it. He still cried every day about something. When I look back on those two days in retrospect I am sure he would have cried about things whether or not he had gone poop in the days before. I just wouldn't have been so worried about it.
    Your posts back to us suggest you think we are trying to trick you or not taking your concern seriously. In fact we are ALL mothers who have Exclusively breastfed our children, most of us well past the point you are now with a 10 week old. We are all telling you we have all experienced what you are experiencing and that it is normal and nothing to worry about. You can choose to believe us or not.

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