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    I have heard this has happened to other babies but what should I do?
    All of a sudden Noah does not want the bottle anymore and will barely drink at all. Its after 7 pm and he has only had 2 oz of a bottle. He has BF quite a few times but I have always had problems with milk supply so I have always supplemented at least 5-10 oz a day. He has never taken more than 4 oz from a bottle but now I have to struggle to get 2 down. I wonder if he is full somehow? He will just chew on the bottle and get really annoyed. Should I just forget the bottle? I feel like he must be starving and I know there is barely any milk in these boobs!


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    My baby (also Noah) also started eating less when he was around 4-5 months. Like your son, he too was struggling to finish a 2oz bottle. I was hoping that it was just a phase but he is 8 mths now and his daily milk intake is only about 15-18 oz. He is at the 10th percentile and his doctor is starting to worry a little. There is no real answer as to why he's taking less milk, but the only remedy I have is to feed him calorie densed food (loads of meat, chicken, yogurt etc).

    Oh and recently, a friend suggested using Doctor Brown's bottle as the teats are softer. I did, and he started taking more from the bottle, today he took 4oz in the morning .

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