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Thread: Over 7 weeks and still can't do it right

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    Unhappy Over 7 weeks and still can't do it right

    Hi everyone, I feel really sad and desperate. It's been over 7 weeks and I still can't get Laila to latch correctly. Two weeks ago I thought we were starting to get it right but now the cracks are back no matter what position we try it is really painful. I am beginning to think that after 7 weeks without getting the hold of it it may be too late... I want to nurse her as long as she wants but I cannot imagine going through this pain for much longer, not to mention 2 years! Do you think that it is still possible to correct the problem after all this time?

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    Absolutly you can correct it. Children are pretty quick learners and I have a hard time believing that anything is ingrained at the tender age of 7 weeks. I mean DH has been trying to teach me a chip putt for 6 years and I still suck

    Have you had anyone help you with the latch. SOmetimes fresh eyes can identify a problem you've missed. Our problems seemed to come from DS not opening wide enough. I would have to tickle his bottom lip/chin and shove his whole head to my nipple really quick. I would also hold a finger on his chin without adding pressure just to remind him to keep his mouth open until he was latched. You should really have an LC come to your house or go to a LLL meeting. It really is amazing once you guys figure it out. Please don't give up yet

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    Absolutely, took me 6 weeks to correct it and only after finding the Dr. Jack Newman videos to actually show me how to do it. Here's the link to the videos. HTH to you mama, you can do it. I remember the first time DS latched and it didn't hurt, I sat there in the chair and just cried!! You Can Do It!!!!

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    It's not too late! I had cracks for 4.5 months, and I had resigned myself to having them for as long as my daughter was nursing, which wasn't going to be a minute longer than one year!

    But then, lo and behold, they healed! I'm still nursing my daughter, who is almost 1.5 years old, and I don't anticipate stopping until she's at least 2.

    I'm pretty sure that what finally fixed the problem in the end was that my daughter grew. Her mouth grew, her tongue grew, and she was stronger. All those things helped her get more breast deeper into her little mouth.

    Just hang in there! Your baby will grow and things will get better! Even if you can't fix the latch now, you will be able to do so soon. I'm sure you'll still be nursing when your LO is 2.

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