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Thread: One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

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    Default One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

    I am going on a week long business trip at the end of Sept and I do not have sufficient milk stored up in the fridge. I have only about 10bags. Baby is now almost 4months old and is taking about 4oz per feed every 3-4 hours.

    I pump before work and 2X at work max., and I don't think there's any way to store up enough milk for a whole week when I am away!

    What should I do? If I give the boy formula milk while I am away, will he refuse breastmilk when I come home? Should I stop breastfeeding in this situation?

    Another question is, at early 3 months, he was taking 4.5oz but seemed to be slowing down to 3-4oz these couple weeks. Any reason? Should I get daycare to feed him more as he grows older?

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    Default Re: One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

    I would pump as much as you can before you go and have his caregiver spread out the ebm while you are away, and give formula if needed to make up the difference. In the meantime, pump on your trip and make arrangements to store and transport the milk back with you (pumped breastmilk is allowed on airplanes now). Perhaps store it in a hotel fridge and transport in a cooler.
    I don't think you need to stop bfing. Why would you think that?
    I assume he already takes bottles of ebm. Has he ever had formula? Be warned he might not be happy about it because it does not taste the same. Or he might eat it up like there is no issue. In any event he will eat when he is hungry enough. Sounds harsh but it is true.
    I think your son will probably be relieved to have his mommy back and want to nurse when you get back. You might need to make sure his latch is alright (hopefully you're using a bottle nipple that minimizes nipple preference).
    Good luck!!


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    Default Re: One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

    I am in a similar situation, although mine is for 17 days and I'll be out of the country. I've been pumping since June and am hoping to have enough milk pumped for the whole time I'm away. I've also been trying to give my LO formula in her baby cereal (in place of bm) just in case something crazy should happen like my freezer breaks and all my milk defrosts!!!
    My biggest worry is that she'll reject the breast when I return but, in that event, I guess I'll just pump for her.
    I plan to pump while I'm away to hopefully keep my supply up. This was recommended by a LC.

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    Default Re: One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

    I was in a similar situation just a couple months ago. I was going to be away from my daughter for 5 days and didn't have enought milk stored. Here is what i did. I figured out about how many bags she would need a day and then figured out exactly how much she would need for the entire five days. I wrote down my goal and how much I needed to get there on the dry erase board on my fridge and kept track (I drew a little thermometer looking thing and filled it in each time I filled a bag. I celebrated a little each time and would tell my husband "only, __ bags to go!") I pumped a few times a day (usually after her morning feeding because I had gone all night without nursing so there was an abundance and right after her bed time feeding because I would go all night without nursing, then once during the day). I slowly but surley increased my milk supply and even if i only got an oz or two when I pumped, I saved it all and eventually got MORE then enough milk! I also kept in the back of my mind that if I couldn't pump enough milk and had to supplement fomula while I was away from her, it didn't make me a bad mom and she would still mostly get breastmilk. I am still proud of myself for commiting to a goal and accomplishing it. BTW, pumping for 5 days has increased my milk supply so much that I produce too much!

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    Default Re: One week biz trip and not enough milk in the fridge

    I couldn't believe it when I read the subject line. I am in the exact same boat!

    My daughter is 10 months old and I have been exclusively breastfeeding her the entire time. We moved a few months after she was born, so I've been home with her.

    Well, I just got a new job, and they want me to fly to headquarters for Orientation....next week! I have about 2 days worth of milk stored, and with only 5 days before I travel, there's not enough time to pump enough. I tried two different types of formula yesterday and she refused it.

    To top it off, she started daycare for the first time today. They had to call me in at lunch because she was refusing to eat, even the breastmilk that I had expressed. I had to go in and nurse.

    I'm so stressed about this. I bought soy milk today to see if she'll drink some of that. My only thought is that I'll pump while I'm away and ship it home every day.

    Any other ideas would be appreciated!

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