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Thread: wont take formula

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    Unhappy wont take formula

    I have to work, so I send as much ebm as I can to daycare with DS everyday. It usually ends up being about 8 ozs. I would love to be able to send a full days worth but I can't get away enough to pump at work. For the last month or so DS has been refusing formula at home and daycare (DH watches him on the weekends when I have to work). Is there any types of formula that taste better then others? (I know they all taste pretty bad and don;t really blame him for not liking it) I feel so bad for him. I don't want him to starve during the day. He gets cereal for brunch and he loves that. When is the soonest they can have cows milk? My DS is 6 months so I know it is still too early. Any tips would be a great help.

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    Although I haven't tasted every formula on the market, I've heard that they're all far from the taste of breastmilk.

    Cow's milk should be introduced after the first year, since it doesn't have a full complement of nutrients/calories/milk. Formula is much closer to breastmilk than cow's milk, nutrient-wise.

    Can you add in a pumping or two during the times you're not working? Pumping one side while baby nurses on the other cacn often get you enough for another bottle.
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    I went through this with DD when she was a baby too. As a teacher I was lucky to pump once a day, so anything after that was formula. Someone on another message board recommended the Nestle Good Start & it worked! I know 2 other bf'd babies that took it as well.

    Get the regular old Nestle Good Start - NOT the Supreme, with DHA's & ARA's - that makes it taste different & he's already getting the good stuff from you so it's doesn't matter! It can be a little hard to find sometimes (our walmart never had it, but I could usually find it at grocery stores).

    HTH!!! Good luck!

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