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Thread: Still painful to nurse

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    Default Still painful to nurse

    My son will be 9 weeks tomorrow. I knew early on that he had a very poor latch. (I had really sore, cracked, scabby nipples for the first week and a half.) I met with a LC on the 4th day and she said he wasn't opening his mouth wide enough and helped to show me an appropriate latch.
    I worked on getting him to open wider.
    My breasts healed, but nursing was still really painful. He still wasn't opening wide enough. I let it go, thinking that it would fix itself after a couple of weeks if I just dealt with the pain.
    Three weeks later my breasts would burn burn burn after feedings, even up to two hours after feeding., and nursing was really painful.
    I contacted the LC again and she referred me to a cranial sacral therapist to check his latch/tongue. She said he 'retracts his tongue so that it sits pretty far back in his mouth' and showed me some techniques to work on getting it to pull forward, which would allow him to massage the breast instead of chomping up and down when feeding.
    The last time I met with anyone was three weeks ago.

    Now, at 9 weeks, nursing is still somewhat painful.
    The burning fire sensation is now gone, but it's not necessarily pleasant, at all, when he eats and it looks like he's only getting the nipple in his mouth: definitely <90 degrees ...
    nowhere near >120 degrees, as recommended.

    Is there any hope in getting him to open wider at this point?
    It seems like he's acclimated to opening only so wide---
    how can I teach him now?

    Other important stuff: his weight gain has been fine, he has wet/poopy diapers, he spits up (a lot), my let down is really really fast (I have been trying to lean back, sit him up, etc. to help with reflux/gas pains) ...

    So, he seems fine and pretty happy, but it hurts so badly---still.

    can it ever be remedied?


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    Default Re: Still painful to nurse

    No comments besides a "Way to Go" for sticking with it!!!

    I'm sure someone else will have some good advice.
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    Default Re: Still painful to nurse

    I'm sorry to hear you are still hurting. Sounds like you are determined, so it will get better, hang in there! Perhaps try expressing some milk out onto the nipple right before latching if you have not tried it already. Ibuprofen might help.
    Lucky baby, he has an amazing mama!

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