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Thread: Painful Feedings Please Help

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    Unhappy Painful Feedings Please Help

    Hi ladies,
    I have a two and a half week old that just doesnt seem to want to latch at all. When she was first born she made a total mess of my nipples, all raw and scabed over Now that they are healed I had expected that the pain would start to lessen but it hasn't. Now my nipples and breasts burn during and after feelings, and the pain while she nurses can get unreal. I'm wondering if I have a plugged duct, or if some of the damaged tissue on my nipples is preventing the milk from flowing. I also don't leak milk ever, is that normal? Could there be a problem with my "let down" reflex? She is constantly hungry never satisfied, always crying. Do some medications interfere with BF? I am on a few prescriptions. I would really love to hear what you guys think. It breaks my heart to see my husband bottle feeding her, please help me figure this out.

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    I have no advice - only

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    look up your local leader she can look up the meds for you..
    crackes and bleeding are a warning signs of bad latch.
    and you can change that and make it more comfortable.

    here are some good clips to watch

    and this one the clips are on the right:

    The burning pain makes me think thursh
    heres some info on that:

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    Andrea has it right- cracks and bleeding are indications of a bad latch, and a bad latch can result in lowered milk supply. With a bad latch, the baby is often feeding too shallowly, "crimping the straw" she's drinking from, causing nipple damage and also inefficiently emptying the breast, which sends the message to the body that there isn't much demand, and so it's time to reduce supply.

    That's what happened to me, anyway. I had horrible cracks and a baby who wasn't gaining weight because of my low supply.

    The way out of the situation for me was to see 2 lactation consultants, both of whom were IBCLC's. They were able to evaluate my daughter's latch, help me to improve it, help me raise my supply, and help me to keep the baby breastfeeding while I had to supplement.

    Hang in there, and get some hands-on help! There's really no substitute!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Momma1 View Post
    get some hands-on help! There's really no substitute!
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    I also think thrush when I hear burning... try to get in touch with an LLL leader. These are challenges, but they can be overcome. I battled thrush and pain for the first 10 weeks of my son's life... but it does eventually become pain free! I remember I totally didn't believe my friend who said bfing didn't hurt, even though I knew it was true. Many of us have been where you are, and you can get through this! I got thrush from wearing those disposible breast pads all the time because it was the only way my nipples didn't hurt 24/7. However, they create a nice, warm, moist environment for the yeast (thrush) to grow. So make sure you are airing out your nipples regularly. see this for more thrush info (scroll down to yeast): http://www.breastfeedingonline.com/newman.shtml

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    I dont know if this is recommended but I took motrin on those early nursing days when the nipple pain was really severe....

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