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Thread: Changes in baby after stomach virus--just checking!

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    Default Changes in baby after stomach virus--just checking!

    Thanks for all your words about the flu and breastfeeding ladies!!! I did keep bfing through it all. It was awful!!! I was sick for 24 hours and it seemed that dd got through it unscathed, then she got sick. She only vomited once but has had really weird bowel habits since Thurs. She didn't poop at all on Thurs during the day (she usually has 2-3 poopy diapers by noon then none till the next morning) but had a really wet green one Thurs. night. Then nothing again until Saturday night (another really wet green one) and nothing again since (its monday). She is eating a ton--which leads me to wonder about my supply too. She wants to eat nonstop and I can feel letdown and hear her swallow. I haven't pumped cuz today is my first day back at work and I will kinda know then, but I know that pumping isn't a total picture. The day I was soo sick (I mean really really sick) I took her to the sitter's b/c my dh and I could hardly take care of ourselves. I tried to pump but never got a letdown. I went and fed her at noon but I did miss 2 pumping sessions/feedings. Dd seems to be hydrated. She is peeing lots, smiling, pink, tears, drool...all the good signs. But the poop thing is weird. I know that bf infants can change their pooping habits and sometimes only poop once every couple days, but her poops are different in consistency, color and smell. they are green and no longer have thelittle "seeds".

    What do all ofyou think?

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    Default Re: Changes in baby after stomach virus--just checking!

    I think she's probably fine -- the wierd poops are a sign that her body is still working that bug out of her system, and it may take a while to see the normal yellow/seedy poops return. But as long as she is eating well, acting like she feels well, and making good pees and some poops (although in a different pattern, at least something is coming out), then it sounds like she's fine.

    As to your supply -- yes, it probably took a hit the day you were sick, not just from missing pumpings and feedings but from the massive dehydrating effects of the stomach virus. But baby is doing her part to bring your supply back up (by nursing lots), and it will rebound just fine as you get back into your normal routine. Take care of yourself -- don't do too much too fast!


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