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Thread: My LO gets sooo upset after afternoon feedings.

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    Default My LO gets sooo upset after afternoon feedings.

    Her face turns red and she throws her head back and just wails.

    She only seems to do this in the afternoon and evening. She nurses fine and then I sit her up to burp her and she loses it. Anyone else have this happen?

    She is only 3.5 weeks old and has a tendency to be very gassy but thats nothing new. We burp her often and use gas drops from time to time.

    Any solutions?

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    Default Re: My LO gets sooo upset after afternoon feedings.

    Many babies are fussy in the afternoon and evenings. Any chance she's tired? I found that the majority of the time when Henry fussed at that age, he was tired. Sometimes they need help falling asleep, so don't think she'll just fall asleep if she's tired. At that age Henry was never able to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time, and even that was stretching it. Good luck!!

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