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Thread: SNS works? (It;s last solution)

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    Unhappy SNS works? (It;s last solution)



    My baby is beautiful... from the begining was hard breastfeeding, we used a nipple shield, then I was pumping, pumping and pumping... then she refused my breast, just bottle, hen I maid her come back, but now she falls asleep, she crys too much with the breast and again refused it... so I'll also try this SNS, but i'm wondering if it works?! Till when it needed (around), in order to make her stay without it???

    Thanks for your time and help!


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    Default Re: SNS works? (It;s last solution)

    Hey Sheila,

    You've had such an ordeal! I'm sorry to hear that your baby is still having problems nursing well.

    An SNS can help a lot, especially when bottles have been interfering with the nursing relationship but the baby still needs supplemental feeds. With an SNS, if baby and mom are using it properly, then all of baby's sucking is done at the breast (which stimulates more milk supply in mom), and at the same time, baby is getting extra food through the SNS tube, so she can grow and get stronger.

    Are you working with an IBCLC or a LLL Leader?


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