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Thread: 6Weeks later and a teary Mom

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    I wanted to add my thoughts and encouragements. My son is 7 months now and nurses wonderfully. However, he didn't start nursing until he was 6 weeks. During that time I pumped and did okay. Each time he was hungry I would try and feed him for a few minutes and he would get really upset. Then we would give him the bottle of expressed milk. Eventually he figured out what he was supposed to be doing. I don't think it's too late for your wife. Just keep trying to feed breastfeed him and keep pumping in the meantime. It the most frustrating time but the rewards are worth it.

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    Please tell your wife I'm in the same boat! My son was 6 weeks yesterday. At 3 weeks he wasn't gaining weight and we had to supplement and I was devestated!!! I've been very worried about breast rejection, and pupming all the time which is no fun and painful. One thing you may want to do is rent a hospital pump for a month or so, since they're more powerful. Also, eating oatmeal LC again today and she said is suckle is strong enough, so it wasn't that I had low production, but that he can't get to it. She thinks it may improve w/ time. Meanwhile, I'll keep trying and pump. If your baby isn't suckling efficiently, it may lower her supply temorarily so tell her to keep pumping.
    We should keep in touch. Please tell her she's not alone. I know exactly how she feels; it's heartbreaking.

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