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Thread: HELP!!! DD no longer accepts EBM

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    Unhappy HELP!!! DD no longer accepts EBM

    I work full time, and pump at work. My DD eating habits at Daycare have always been a bit worrisome. On a good day, she'll only take in about 10-12oz, in addition to a nursing session during lunch. Last week, we took a vacation, and she was exclusively breastfed for about 9 days. Two days before I was scheduled to go back to work, I had my DH give her a bottle, with absolutely no success. The next day, our babysitter tried the same thing, and no luck. Apparently she isn't horribly fussy or anything while I'm gone, but both times I was only away for about 4 hours. I'm worried about how things will go once she's back in daycare, also, her regular provider will be on vacation, so she will also be with a different provider. She's 4 1/2 months old, and weighs 17lbs, and is 29 inches long, so obviously, she's not starving but I'm just wondering if there are any solutions.

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    I'm moving this to working for more replies.

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    If you're only apart for four hours, and she doesn't take much during that time, expect her to nurse more when you're back together later that day.

    10-12oz per day actually sounds pretty normal for a breastfed baby while at daycare. :-)

    Once she's back in daycare full time, she may decide that she's hungry enough for a bottle after a while. You can have the provider try offering her the bottle in different positions, or while holding an item of clothing that you've worn, or even trying different bottle nipples. She's a bit young for a sippy cup, but one without a valve might work in your situation, too.

    If she's hungry enough, she'll eat, eventually.

    It may take several days for her to fall back into a routine, since she got such a long vacation with you. Once she notices that things are in a routine (of sorts), she'll settle down. She won't let herself starve, even if it means that you find yourself spending all evening, every evening, nursing her.
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