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Thread: mastitis help

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    Default mastitis help

    ow. i have mastitis as of last night. i went to the hospital and they gave me iv antibotics, pain meds. etc.

    just started oral anitbotics, taking tylenol, hot compresses, etc.

    I'm wondering this:
    when i pump on the affected side i only get about 1 oz. is that going to be enough to clear it up? i don't want to nurse my baby on that side because i was bleeding out my nipple, yuk. i've been pumping about every 2-4 hours. my baby is 11 months (and i suspect he is starting to wean).


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    Default Re: mastitis help

    My DD is much younger but I have had a few boughts of mastitis due to a very large OS. I don't know if 1 oz is enough to clear it up because everyone's body is different but I do have a few other suggestions that have helped me either get more out or just be more comfortable:

    Try pumping leaning over...it helps take the weight off of the ducts at the bottom of your breast and might help get a little more out for you (I use this one while bfing if I have a plugged duct at the bottom of my breast as well). This seems crazy and at first I wasn't sure about it but it does help.

    Try filling a bowl (or pot if your big chested) with warm water (as hot as you can stand but not so it's uncomfortable) and soak your breast in it right before you pump for at least 15 minutes- you might have to change the water to make it hotter a few times. This one might not work for you if your bleeding, I'm not too sure.

    When your lo is bfing on the other side (assuming it is only on one side and your still trying to nurse on the other side) make sure to let your effected breast "be free" and let it leak as much as it wants to. The stimulation to the other breast could also free up a bit more milk for you.

    I might think of a few others so I'll get back to you if I do. Hope at least one of these helps! I know how painful and difficult it is. Hang in there!

    "Breastfeeding is an unsentimental metaphor for how love works, in a way. You don't decide how much and how deeply to love--you respond to the beloved, and give with joy exactly as much as they want."
    ~ Marni Jackson"

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    Default Re: mastitis help

    thanks so much sid's mom:
    i'll try doing those to see if i can pump more than 1 oz. i had a fast quick high fever last night and was throwing up so i couldn't keep anything down...which is why i want to the hosp. i pumped there but haven't had much luck with the 'amount' i'll keep trying.

    my hands and feet are still 'tingly???' weird? and my breast and all around it has since turned red....yikes.

    thanks for the tips!

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    Default Re: mastitis help

    Ouch Rachel! I've had Mastitis in both times once, and it it no fun at all!
    My advice would be to let your daughter nurse on the affected side, despite the blood in your nipple. The pump isn't going to drain your breast nearly as effectively as your experienced daughter. I used to nurse Peter while holding a hot compress to the red patch on my breast - also I constantly massaged my breast while he was nursing.

    The fever is ferocious, isn't it - I had mine for 3 days as it was over a weekend and our local clinic was closed. I'll never forget it - the worst fever of my life!

    I hope you feel better soon, but make sure you get plenty of rest. Tell your DH that you need to stay off your feet until you're better. If you are up trying to do stuff you'll take longer to recover. Relax and read a book (assuming you have a LO who will let you - I sure don't)....


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