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    My DD was born on 07/04 weighing in at whopping 9 pounds and she has been gaining very well since then. I brought her to the doctors today because she has been having super fast feeding sessions (4 mins total) and I was concerned that she may be losing weight. Well quite the opposite is happening she is actually gaining like a champ as of today she is 7 weeks and weighs 13 pounds 5 oz. My question is, does this mean she will be 30 pounds by the time she is 1 ??? Does their weight usually level out at some point? The pediatritian said that I can let her go 4 hours between feedings but she doesn't like to go that long. Is there such a thing as overfeeding a little one?

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    IMHO there isn't a way to overfeed a newborn but that's just me. I have a similar situation with Sidney. She was born much smaller on 6-7 at 6 pounds 2 ounces three weeks early. She is now over 14 pounds and still growing very fast at 11 weeks! When I asked my doctor he said he would expect to see her stop gaining so fast around 6 months - much to my little body's dismay. So that is what I'm hoping for myself!

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    It is impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby. Feed whenever the baby shows signs of hunger (and ignore the pedi's advice). My DD gained a pound a week for the first four weeks, then slowed dramatically. At her 9 month check up last week she was 28 inches and 18 lbs 6 ozs. (At birth she was 19 inches and 6 lbs 15ozs)

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    Sounds completely normal! I agree it is not possible to overfeed - babies can regulate the flow of the milk, and if they happen to eat a little too much they'll likely spit it back up. It's all completely normal, no problem. It is very normal for BF babies to gain weight very quickly at first and then to level out. The *averages* in terms of weight gain are 6 oz per week up to 3-4 months, 4-5 oz. per week from 4-6 months, and 2-4 oz. per week from 6-12 months. These are just averages though, every baby is different and more weight gain is not a problem. Just keep feeding when baby wants - babies know how much they need to eat and when .

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