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Thread: baby has lost appetite

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    Default baby has lost appetite

    Hi all,
    My DD 4 months old has reflux.For past 6 days she has completely lost her appetite.Its like she is taking only 10-12ounces of bm.I called Pedi and she said since she has not lost weight we don't need to care.Her weight is remaining same for past 6 days.I'm just worried.Whether its ok if she just takes just this amount ?I read in net that 4 month old should take 25-30 ounces.Whether it will affect her developmental activity ?
    Anyone has similar issues like this
    One of my friend suggested if she is not increasing weight then they will ask me stop BFing.Is it true ?


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    Default Re: baby has lost appetite

    My dd went through this around 4 months, as well. It took 2 or 3 weeks for things to return to normal. She was still gaining weight, though at a much slower pace than she had been. Keep trying, and it will pass. You can try to make some momsicles since it's getting warmer out now.

    I bought the OXO ice cube trays at Bed Bath n Beyond, they are covered:


    I also got a couple of those baby food holders that have a handle and a little net over the food. They're called safer feeders or something.


    You might be able to get dd to suck on one of those. It will pass, 4 mos is the time when they start noticing the world around them, and get a little distracted.

    It helped me to grab her as soon as she was waking up and start to nurse when she was still sleepy, before she realized what she was doing. I also pumped to keep up my supply, so that wasn't an issue when she picked up again.

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