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Thread: 3-4 day rule?

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    Question 3-4 day rule?

    I am confused about introducing solids... do I intro one for one day then wait 3-4 days and try something new or try something 3-4 days in a row then try something new?

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    Default Re: 3-4 day rule?

    For instance: you give your lo carrots for the first time, then you can continue to give him carrots for the first 3-4 days as long as there's no allergic reaction. After 3-4 days, you might introduce peas. Then you can give him carrots AND peas for the next 3-4 days. Then you introduce bananas-- now you can give him carrots, peas, AND bananas, and so on. The 3-4 day rule is just to give you lo time to get used to the new food, and to make sure he doesn't have a bad reaction to it. If he's introduced to too many foods at once, and has a a bad reaction, it's difficult to tell which of the new foods he's allergic to. But once it's established that he's not allergic to a particular food, you can continue to give him that food while introducing others.

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