It's driving me NUTS!

So here's the deal. . . 9 month old Colton has started this routine recently. He'll nurse for a few minutes, particularly when I'm nursing him at bedtime, pull off and then cry. So I give him his pacifier, thinking he wants to comfort suck; he will not comfort suck at the breast, thanks to OALD and oversupply, still. He'll suck on that for minute, spit it out, cry, and then root for me. We play this game, over and over and over until he finally latches on, stays there and falls asleep. I think part of it is trying to fight sleep, but. . .

This happens a lot . . . . At bedtime. At naptime (although not so much). During the day, like if I'm NAK.

I can't sleep through it because it's actually kind of shocking when he grabs a hold again, the fussing wakes me up, and this goes on and on for about an hour when he wakes up to nurse at 2AM (I get up at 5, so this really interrupts my sleep, which he didn't use to do).

And honestly, I'm just a tiny bit tender because of the on and off; he must not be latching on exactly right. I'm getting sleepy, frustrated and annoyed -- last night, I got angry when he wouldn't just. . . go.... to.... sleep...and stop pulling off! ALREADY


He is not actively teething at the moment. He's got a mouthful already No sign of pain in the ears.

He's an awesome baby. I feel bad about complaining really. He's the gift after coping with the horrible baby Ian was.

He has a well baby check-up in about an hour (better get moving!) so I'll see if his ped has any ideas. She nursed her own kids and sometimes what she comes up with is amazing.