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    My lo had a funny reaction to solids last night. He woke up around 11:30 p.m. and screamed (literally) for 1/2 an hour. We think it was gas and constipation related... he had had a full baby jar of prunes that day. I don't usually give him that much - usually only 1 tbsp or maybe 2. They gave him the whole container at daycare. Anyone have funny reactions like that to prunes or other solids? My poor baby is not adjusting well to eating solids! Any advice?

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    Prunes help the constipation. My daughter got really constipated after 3 weeks of no problems at all on solids.

    We switched to oatmeal which worked for a few days, then I gave her an entire jar of prunes and it took her 2 days to poo the whole thing out.

    I have to give her prunes every other day or she is grunting and red-faced.

    Solids take time. She loves eating them but not pooing them.

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    How old is your baby? When Henry started solids it really messed up his system and we had to slow way down. There's no need to rush the solids, and a whole jar is definitely a lot in the early days!! Make sure you always offer breastmilk first so he isn't that hungry. Prunes should usually help with constipation, but that volume in immature intestines definitely could be making him unhappy!

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