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    Looking for some quick help. My baby is 2.5 weeks old. Grandma is coming tonight and I'd like to pump so I can get somr sleep. If I pump enough to last 9pm-3am (2 bottles) am I messing with danger regarding my supply. As of now, I have an oversupply.

    eta: I'd pump my last bottle after he eats at 9pm....and then feed him when he wakes around three. Usually he eats 9pm,12am, 3am, 5am....something like that!

    Any help is appreciated

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    At 2.5 weeks with oversupply, going that long would probably put you at risk for plugged ducts and some major discomfort. One option you might consider is letting g'ma do everything but feed the baby. You could let her change the diapers and burp the baby and all that, and could just wake up long enough to nurse. My mom did that for me a few times and it really does help. Just an idea...

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    I agree with the PP...still kinda early for that. I'd also caution about feeding with the bottle just yet.

    I found that during the first month or so, if someone else did all the changing/cooking/cleaning and handling of the babe other than feeding, then I was much better off sleepwise.

    Your body will get used to the sleep deprivation. I know it seems like you're a zombie now, but you'll adjust. It gets easier! Seems like the 2-4 week mark was the toughest for all my babies, but once I got through that, it was much easier.

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    I agree with the previous posts too... do you co-sleep? If not, many women find it a great way to get more sleep... It will still be broken up, but unfortunately most moms just have to get used to that, at least for the first months/years! My son is 10 months and still wakes up every few hours to nurse but I've just adjusted. Taking naps during the day also really helps keep me feeling rested enough.

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