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Thread: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

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    Default Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Okay, I know you all are laughing at my title....like any one with a newborn gets sleep

    BUT....I need some help! My dear, sweet, loving gorgeous little baby becomes some kind of demon at night. (please know that I still love him....I'm just very tired) He will not sleep on his own.....we're already co-bedding, and he won't sleep inbetween DH and I! We even purchased that little cuddle bed, nope...not having any of that...thank you very much. If he's not sleeping ON me, he's not sleeping (and neither are we). And then, to top it off, he's crying/screaming for hours in the night!

    Here's how the last 24 hours went (roughly):
    Nursed about every 90 minutes through the day. I don't think it's a growth spurt thing....he did that at exactly 6 weeks last week.
    Slept when he could during the day. Woke up every time he wet or had gas or when twins woke him.
    Took a walk at 7:00...he enjoyed it until a dirty diaper happened (he wants changed after the slightest poo or wet )
    Nursed around 8:00 pm
    slept until I gave him to DH so I could eat Ben & Jerry's (the brownie kind... ) He cried.
    Nursed around 10 pm
    Fell asleep....doing well. Handed him to DH so I could go potty and get ready for bed. Transition okay.
    DH came upstairs (apparently he had to go potty??? Now, why couldn't he take care of business during all those hours I was holding Anderson?????)
    Nursed again----maybe 11:45?
    We fell asleep (he's on Boppy in my arms, I'm sitting up), woke around 1:30?
    Nursed. I'm in pain ( due to crazy nursing schedule?)
    When he popped off, I tried to lay him down beside me. Nope not having that....screaming baby!
    Continued screaming for approx. 4 hours with the exception of nursing in the middle.
    He wanted to nurse that ENTIRE time, but....I HURT. If I hadn't...I might have let him. I mean, what's the difference? I have to hold him for him to sleep anyway. My nipples started burning with pain last night. No signs of thrush on either one of us? He was trying to latch thru my jammies, so DH had him a good portion of time. I just needed to try and rest. It's not like I can nap while he does during the day with the twins.

    Now, another thought that I have is that the twins purposefully wake him during the day. I think it's messing up his sleeping routine for the night too. I hate to say it...but I can't wait for next Wed when all-day kindergarten starts!!!

    Other info...I have OS/OALD...I've only been doing one side per feeding (after doing block feedings last week). Seems to have resolved the green poo, and some other issues. He was tongue-tied, clipped at 3 days old. He also has a high palate. He sucks like you wouldn't believe (or maybe some of you would)! Every latch-on is painful, as is my let down. He does use an Avent pacifier sometimes (you should see him work it...it leaves a mark on his chin he sucks so hard) but it does not satisify him at night. (It's hard...both of my twins were binkie kids! It helped when one was nursing and the other was waiting).

    Any ideas???? I'm exhausted, and so is DH. (I worry less about him, he can sleep thru anything. I MAKE him get up with LO)


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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Wow we have a ton in common!!! My baby girl is 12 weeks old and we had her tongue tie snipped at 6 weeks old so she had to relearn her latch. She also only sleeps on my chest from day 1. We bought the thing for the bed the pack and play, etc but nope!!! My advice try a couple of different pacifiers if she doesn't care for that one very well. Madison will only take the Soothie brand one (we went through six different brands before we found this out). I've learned to just go with the flow and let her sleep on my chest and actually that's the only way I can sleep now. HAve you tried to give her pumped breastmilk in between nursing sessions? This helps my nipples a ton! I was hurting so bad all the time till I started giving 3-4 bottles a day to give me a break. Also w/ the OALD I pump every morning and this has helped a ton with that. The crying thing...could your baby possibly have a milk allergy? Madison used to do this and I thought it would never stop and I cut out milk and ice cream and it's a miracle no more crying baby! BUT this takes a couple of days to take affect.

    Does your baby eat really loud/noisy? Madison does and this is due to the latch thing. My La LEche leader gave me an exercise to do w/ her tongue to help her latch. I put my clean finger in her mouth finger nail side up and let her practice sucking on it for a few seconds then turn your finger upside down to break the suction and remove. We have been doing this for a couple weeks and I am definitely noticing a difference!!!

    ALso try heat before nursing and cool pack afterwards. Good luck and hope you feel better!!

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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Even more in common....LO one was a month early, and I was on bedrest (modifed) for 18 weeks. Crazy.....

    I'm avoiding my pump right now due to OS issues. His poo is not quite so green, and he's not gulping as much.

    I'm wondering if the crankiness is really from caffiene, even the small amounts from chocolate and decaf coffee. I had to go off all of it for a heart condition during the pg (reason for bedrest), so maybe that is causing the issues at night? Of course, he's crying right now (I'm wearing him, and he's still screaming)....but it is the "witching hour".

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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Wow, what a ton to go through! No advice, just
    Caylen Koen Chew (25/05/06)
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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Wow.... I don't have any advice for you, but want to give you

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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Will he sleep in the swing or bouncy seat? Maybe you can get a few hours in that way. Also are you using Lansinoh cream on your nipples? You can put it on and he can nurse w/o wiping it off. I have to use it often when my DS is going through a day of nursing a ton. That's all I can think of besides what the other mom's have mentioned. Hopefully it's just a temporary few days of nursing and will fall into a more comfortable pattern. Sounds like a growth spurt to me though!!

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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    Agree with PP
    1. use the 100& lanolin for your nipples...
    2. My lo will NOT sleep on his back. Thus the reason he loves sleeping on me and DH. Try placing him on his side. I started my lo on his tummy for naps.
    3. I have a soon to be 5yr. The main thing we did with this lo is to make sure he could sleep thru noise, so that if DD was loud it didn't bother him. I ususally put him in a room with the door closed...
    4. You can try Mylicon drops or gripe water to see if it help relieves some gas...
    5. Although my lo screams while doing it, swaddling helps...
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    Default Re: Long, SLEEPLESS Nights

    I'm laughing b/c:
    1. We love gas drops (Walmart or Target brand, tho...much cheaper!)
    2. I can get him to sleep in the bouncy (it's a boppy one...nice), but only until big brother either a.pokes him, b. turns on the vibration or music, or c. jumps beside the chair. BUT it does get me some time in the am, and sometimes in the afternoon.
    3. Anderson loves the lanolin. He rubs his mouth on (just witnessed a big jump, followed by a nudge by big bro on bouncy chair...argh) my nipple and smiles. I guess he doesn't feel the need to "wet" it then. W/o the lanolin he licks or rubs his mouth until it feels wet.
    4. He definately sleeps through noise, when he sleeps. Trust me...these two are loud!!! Love 'em...can't wait for all-day kindergarten next week. Did I already post that! (They sleep thru him, too...thanx to the obnoxious beagle the twins learned to sleep thru).

    I think I've decided he's a "high needs baby" after being on Dr. Sears website for awhile. I thought that the most "granola" I would ever be was nursing (and my original goal with the twins was 6 months, we went 14!!!)....shoot, now I'm a baby-wearing, nursing-on-demand, co-bedding, attachment parenting mommy. Next thing you know, I'll give up the junk food and eat all organic. Maybe I'll even wear Birks (I already wear Crocs).

    Thanks for the advice, ladies. Please keep it coming!

    Mommy to Aidan and Kaitlyn (09/12/02) and to Anderson (07/04/07)

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