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Thread: Co Sleeping Questions

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    I am not sure how big you are talking about but I am an F. ds would just pull his had back the few times he needed to. He also sucks too hard for me to fall out. I know he is asleep or done if he lets go. We put him in his pack-n-play when we go to bed. This gives dh and I some time to be together. Then the 1st time he wakes up I put him in our bed. We started doing this the day we came home. The only problem I've had is dd. We did the same with her and she still wants to get in the bed with us. She has rolled over on ds a few times. He would start squirming and if I didn't get the message he would start crying. I'm afraid she will roll on his head and he will not be able to wake me up. SO, when dd insist she is scared (I can't make her stay in her room by herself if she is afraid) I make sure ds is between dh and me. I don't know if that helps but I hope so.

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    I think Dr. Sears once said that the same instinct your body has that keeps you from rolling off the bed also keeps you from rolling over your LO. I was nervous cosleeping with my lo before she got head control... But she spent most of the night turned toward me with her mouth latched on. Tough for me, but great for her!

    Anyway, we sleep facing each other on our sides. I wrap my bottom arm around her head and back, and pull her in so her mouth is angled toward my chest. Sometimes I'll lay on my back, and she'll fall asleep while laying across me (and latched on, of course). My little acrobat...
    for 1-1/2 years...and still going!

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    DS has been in bed with me since birth. even in the hospital. I wanted nothing to do with it and was adamant on putting him in his own room down the hall....yeah right...i love it so much now! And so does DH, he loves it too. We all sleep in the bed together. It's not on the floor, so DS is always either between me and wall or me and DH. Works great. Like on of the pp, i'm tuned into his waking cues and start to feed him before he's all the way awake and we fall asleep nursing.
    It's a great way to get more sleep, and it helps if you're the paranoid type to be able to open one eye every now and again to check on LO.

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