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Thread: "Drying up"

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    I've had a wonderful and successful experience nursing my son. But I have made the decision to stop nursing after five months and need some advice. I have tried to reduce my milk supply for the past two weeks by only pumping once a day and not nursing at all. I haven't nursed or pumped in 72 hours and my right breast is painful and engorged. Should I simply tough it out? Or will this cause an infection? I have to travel for business tomorrow for three days and I don't want to pack my pump again. (I can't remember having this problem when I stopped nursing my first born. I think my milk supply was much better with my second baby.)

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    Hi Shannon,

    I would suggest you pump or express just enough to relieve the pressure and make yourself more comfortable. When your body gets the message that this little bit is all you want, it will slow production even more. If you were to pump a full feeding at this point your body would make that much more.

    You may also try the cabbage leaves idea in this link:



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