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Thread: Not interested in solids at 8 months

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    Default Not interested in solids at 8 months

    Hi, my DS has just turned 8 months and he's still not very interested in solids... I offer him porridge as well as let him self feed with bread/fruits... but the most he'll take is a couple of mouthfuls and is not interested anymore. So he remains practically totally breastfed till today. Is this ok? When do i need to start worrying?

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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    Dont start worrying before he turn 1 year old....food prior to that is just for exploration and as they say for fun. My LO started eating substantial amount of food around 8.5 mo, so do wait for few more weeks and I am sure you will see a diffrence, if not dont worry, keep offering variaty of food, diffrent colors, diffrent textures, diffrent tasts. Your BM is enough for him at this point.


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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    DS is 10 months and still eats very little. Like PP said food right now is for learning not nutrition.
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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    Remember that his stomach is the size of his fist...what seems like a small amount to you is actually a good-sized amount to him.
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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    yup my lo didn't really start until a couple of weeks ago and he's now 10 months old, before i was trying to crowbar the food in but now he leans forward and eats off the spoon, he'll start when he's ready.

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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    No need to worry for a while I think. My niece didn't start until over 9 months old and now she eats tons of stuff!
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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    All of my singletons didn't start on solids till they were 10 -12 months. It was just the way I prefered it and they did very well, I never had any trouble getting them to eat when I started them on solids. The first year of life all a baby needs is their mothers milk unless your baby has other problems that clearly scream, we need more.

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    Default Re: Not interested in solids at 8 months

    Henry is 10 months and still doesn't actually consume much. he likes to chew food and spit it back out. Like pp said, don't worry until AT LEAst a year... I have a friend who daughter is 20 months and still doesn't eat much. Sometimes kids don't because they are protecting themselves from food allergies, so if that exists in your family it's all the more reason to go slow with solids. BM is the perfect food... everything else right now is just for exploring and learning.

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