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Thread: Storing Milk

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    Question Storing Milk

    If I pump 4 ounces at 6 p.m. and store in a plastic bag, then pump another 2 ounces at 9 p.m., can I add the 2 ounces to the 4 ounces? or do I need to put the 2 ounces in a brand new storage bag?

    I hope that makes sense.

    I feel like it's a waste to put such a small amount in a brand new bag.

    Also, how much do you typically pump each time? I fed my boy around 8:30, then just pumped at 9:45 and was able to pump about 4 ounces.


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    Default Re: Storing Milk

    It's fine to add the 2oz. to the 4oz., just make sure you let the newer milk cool down before adding. Your output sounds good to me

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