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Thread: Thrush - Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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    Unhappy Thrush - Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    My son is 10 weeks old and for the last 3 weeks I have had thrush - well that is what my health visitor thinks (UK). It sometimes is so painful to feed that I cry and dread when the time to feed is coming. I have on occasions thrust my son at my husband after feeding as I can't bear to be near him because of the pain caused. I want to bf - I really do - but not if it is going to make me hate my child and make him associate feeding with negative feelings.

    I have cream to use - Canisten and Daktarin. My doctor says there is nothing else they can do for me if I want to continue to bf. I've ditched the breastpads, take painkillers all the time and express when the pain is just so bad that I want to give up.

    Please tell me this will get better - I need to know others have been through this and survived and still kept on bf


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    Default Re: Thrush - Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    Could this possibly be mastitis instead?? I explained what was going on with my nipples to my La Leche Leader (which is my cousin) and she said alot of doctors over diagnose thrush when their could be a different problem going on. I took the thrush meds twice (diflucan) and gave my baby the nystatin also twice and neither of these worked. Maybe get a lactation consultant or La Lech Leader to take a look maybe it's not thrush and something else going on like what i had? BTW we had some blocked ducts, and a bad latch on problem which we are still working on but the pain got much better now that we know what is actually wrong!!! Also Try warmth before nursing and cool pack afterwards this helped me a ton!

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    Default Re: Thrush - Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    First things first....

    My LO and I have been battling thrush for almost a month now. The first round of Nystatin didnt take but this second round with both my LO and myself being treated things are going better.

    My discomfort was no where near yours - but what is the pain like? burning or throbbing - from my experience little tho it is - burning is thrush and throbbing is clogged ducts.

    I recommend using your bra no more then one day - if you leak on it - change it. Add bleach or vinegar to HOT water to clean them and if you can dry them in the sun. Make sure to boil anything that comes in contact with baby's mouth or your breasts - and I found adding vinegar to DS's laundry might help.

    My LC also recommended using a burp rag only once - so the minute it is soiled, get a new one.

    And I know it is hard to do - but try to relax! Usually when you tense up you are more aware of discomfort and pain. Might want to consider taking a nice warm bath with your LO too - that worked for me when I was coming down with mastitis.


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    Default Re: Thrush - Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    You poor thing! It sounds like you have a hideous case of it and also sounds like you might have some real damage to your nipples. You might want to get some Medela breast shells to keep the fabric away from your nipples and to allow the creams you've got to really stay on and heal your nipple if you have a lot of damage. http://www.medela.com/NewFiles/breastcare.html

    IT DOES GET BETTER, I PROMISE! If it is indeed thrush, I recommend the Gentian Violet treatment. It cleared it right up for us. http://www.bflrc.com/newman/breastfeeding/gentviol.htm

    I second the notion of keeping bras clean and sterilizing bottles, pacifiers, etc. every night. The medela sanitizing bags where you can microwave everything are great if you don't have a dishwasher. Once you get it all cleared up, you also might want to try some acidophilus to get your good bacteria back to normal and prevent reinfection. Good luck!

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