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Thread: Cant empty breasts

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    I am a nursing student. Ive been breastfeeding for 7 months and 3 weeks, and would like to do so for at least a year. I had problems with my supply a month ago, but those are corrected. Now, I need to pump 3 times a day 5 days a week. I bf my son at 630, pump around 930, 1200, and 3 or I wait the 30 minutes to bf him. My problem is, I cant empty my breasts when I pump (with a Medela Pump in Style). They still feel pretty full when I'm done pumping. I only have about 20 min to pump at 930 and 3. I know the milk is letting down, but after the let down stops (slows, whatever it does) the milk only streams out a little bit. Anything I can do to get more milk? I know there's more in there, obviously. What type of suction should i use? When should I change it? I can pump about 4 oz out of each during a good pumping session where my breasts feel empty, but only get 1-2, and they feel full. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    You can adjust the suction/cycle speed to something that is comfortable and effective for you. There is no "right" setting. It's different for everyone.

    In combination with your pumping, you could also try the tips for assisting MER found on this page:

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