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Thread: when does the trial & error pd. end?

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    Default when does the trial & error pd. end?

    Hi mamas,
    I have a question...DD is 7.5 mos now and doing very well with all her new fruits and veggies. She is still on purees. For how much longer does she have to keep trying every new ingredient for 4-5 days. At this rate she'll be in kindergarten and still trying to get through the fruits and vegetable list. Basically I want to start making stuff with pasta, chicken, cheese, etc.
    Do I have to keep trying everything for 4-5 days. It'll be a month before I can make a whole recipe for her.

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    Default Re: when does the trial & error pd. end?

    From what I've read she shouldn't have meat until she's at least 9mo old anyways so you have some time before introducing chicken. FWIW I figure if there isn't a reaction to something then it's a safe bet that similar foods will be safe too. For instance DS was ok with sweet potatoes so yams, and other potato-ish foods are a go. Same with carrots and parsnips etc. So if you've tried tomatoes already make a simple sauce and see how she reacts to the pasta. I don't know what kind of sauce you thinking about making but it's best to keep it simple in the begining. Once you know that's ok then add another ingrediant to the sauce. If she had a reaction it would be pretty easy to blame the new ingredient since she was fine with everything else. Good luck!

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