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Thread: Difficulty Latching On

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    Default Difficulty Latching On

    My LO is one week old. She is gainging weight and seems very content, so I'm sure she is getting enough milk, but nursing is very painful because she is not latching on correctly. Her little neck is so strong, so it seems like the only position that works is cross cradle so I can hold her head still. Otherwise she turns it and thrashes all over the place. She also will not keep her hands out of the way. It seems like every time I finally get her to open wide enough she shoves her hand into her mouth. It's really hard to hold both hands when one of my hands is holding her neck. When I finally do get her to open wide enough it seems like she always slides down onto the nipple. I'm pretty large breasted so I'm afraid the shape of my breast is just too akward for her, and I don't want to have to sandwich my breast constantly. What do I do?

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    The football hold worked for me when my lo's hands were getting in the way. With her head in my right hand and to my right breast, her hands were tucked away against my body. Otherwise can you get someone to help hold her hands down? Thats what the LC did when I went to her.I also put little mittens on her hands in the beginning....

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    Default Re: Difficulty Latching On

    Was going to suggest the football hold too...
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    I had my DH hold the baby's hands! They sure are squirmy!

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    Have you tried swaddling your baby? That may help with the hands issue.

    I had to use the cross cradle hold for at least the first three months and didn't understand why "all other babies" could just latch on and go to town. Then I realized that I was comparing my newborn to 6 month old babies. It does get better and you just have to work with your situation right now. I would suggest finding a lactation consultant or a LLL leader (they are free!) to watch you bf and make sure your latch in good. Some soreness is common but shouldn't last more than a week or two.

    You may be doing the breast sandwich for a while, but remember her mouth will grow, and she will get stronger and better at nursing! Those early days and weeks can be SO TOUGH, but I does truly get better and wonderful! Hang in there, you're doing great!


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