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Thread: Bad Reaction to Solids - how long to wait to try again?

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    Default Bad Reaction to Solids - how long to wait to try again?

    My LO is 5.5 mo and we started cereal at about 5 months because she was showing signs that she was ready. She loved cereal and has also tried bananas. Well - 24 hrs after the bananas, she engulfed what I guess was too much cereal and had an evening of vomiting.

    After that we waited a week and tried cereal again but now she is less than interested (tried 3 times). I don't mind - I'm not really in any hurry to feed solids - after all we only started because it appeared she wanted to.

    But now I'm wondering how long I should wait before trying again. I though a week would do it, but apparently not. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

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    Default Re: Bad Reaction to Solids - how long to wait to try again?

    I had trouble w/ constipation w/ my lo and constant spitting up (he still is spitting up!!!). I waited a week and tried again and backed off from the cereal. We weren't successful at first w/ bananas or cereal. We switched to oatmeal cereal, but that didn't help either. We stopped cereal for a while and tried mostly fruit (prunes, pears, peaches) and easy to digest veggies (sweet potato, carrots). Now I make my own homemade rice cereal and that seems to be going ok. Hope that helps a little. It can be frustrating! Take it slowly and don't feel worried about backing off and just breastfeeding, if necessary.

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