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Thread: I am Very Frustrated!

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    Default I am Very Frustrated!

    My LO will be 9 weeks this Thursday. I didnt bf my first LO because I didnt have enough information, now I'm trying to do the right thing this time.
    I have narrowed down our long list of issues to date to the following:

    -My LO has a poor latch
    -He does not open his mouth wide enough and I try and try to get him to open wider. How can I get him to do this?
    He is not transferring the milk well
    ...so in turn I'm supplementing after each session with about 1 oz of bm or formula.
    -Nursing is very painful because of his poor latch
    I am now back at working (starting full time today 1/2 days last week) pumping 3 times per day getting 3 oz total each pumping session.

    Leading to fussiness, not getting enough to eat, loses weight if I don't supplement, doesn't sleep well at night because he wakes constantly hungry.
    And I can't get the hang of side laying nursing.

    I am wondering now if all of this is because I am about a size 34I
    The only way I can get LO to latch is by doing the sandwich thing. But he doesn't seem to be getting all of the milk.

    Is it impossible to do the sidelaying with a larger chest. I can't seem to do the cradle hold either.

    I am very frustrated and I'm basically waiting for that magical day that LO will latch correctly and transfer milk correctly. Will that ever happen? I'm hoping that pumping will increase my milk supply which is low I'm assuming because he isnt taking it all in. Its taking all I have not to quit. This is driving me crazy. I'm running out of steam doing the nursing, bottle, pumping, cleaning routine. Its like I'm doing twice the work because I still have to prepare bottles too. Its really taking an emotional toll. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Edited to add: Oh yes I have had a home visit by a LC, I guess I need to talk to her again.
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    Default Re: I am Very Frustrated!

    Hugs hugs hugs...

    My lo has an issue opening his mouth...here are things that worked forme
    1. Pointing the nipple at his nose, then "diving in" when he opens
    2. Hand expressing to get the milk started, don't know why but having the milk there made him open
    3. football hold - although it was akward at first, it was the best position to get him to open wide.

    Stay encouraged and check out this link
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    Default Re: I am Very Frustrated!

    First, to you

    You should contact your local La Leche League (http://www.lalecheleague.org to find your local branch) or your hospital to find a lactation consultant that can help you in person.
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    Default Re: I am Very Frustrated!

    Hang in there!! My daughter and I had a really tough time getting started feeding also. I am large breasted as well and it can make it more challenging. My daughter still struggles with not giving me a big open mouth, but one thing I found that works is to get a bit of milk on the tip of the nipple and to actually touch it to her upper lip and then touch the bottom of her nose until she opens up widely enough. A LC told me that something about pointing the nipple upwards towards her nose can encourage her to reach up for it and make her open wider.
    I've also found that the football hold works well for us when she's not opening widely enough.

    Good luck!!

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    Default Re: I am Very Frustrated!

    I think it is very difficult to breastfeed in the sidelying position with a larger chest. I am a 34G and have much difficulty. It seems to be easier if I elevated myself with pillows and raise the arm on the side I am trying to feed above my head. It is somewhat uncomfortable for me, but has given some success. Also, I find it very helpful to use my bobby pillow for breastfeeding. Being so large, the pillow supports my dd, allowing me to support my breast in helping her to latch on and stay on. I never have a free hand, becuase I am using it to support my heavy breast. hope this helps. good luck

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    Default Re: I am Very Frustrated!

    Thank you so much for your replies. I was wondering about that side laying position...I thought there must be some trick that I don't know or its because of my chest size. darn it! Everyone talks about how convenient that is for when your baby won't sleep. Now what do I do LOL?

    I'm going on Friday to the weight check to do a weight/feed/weight check. This is just crazy trying to nurse, supplement and then pump especially now that I'm back to work.

    I just want my baby to be well fed, happy and healthy...its shouldnt be this difficult

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