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Thread: morning grunting & fussiness

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    My LO (5 wks ) grunts, fusses, and arches his back off and on all day especially during nap times that he is not completely sleep. Sometimes I let it go and not address it if it doesn't escalate. If it does, I just try to calm him. Newborns are sooo funny, you never know exactly what's going on.

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    5:30am, like clockwork, she was grunting and squirming. I let her go for a little bit and then fed her - still half asleep (her, not me, I can't sleep through the grunting!)

    She was awake and smiley for a bit after the first feeding, then slept again until about 8 when the grunting started again. My hubby went to try to give her the pacifier, but she refused, so grunting continued for a bit until she was really awake and wanted to eat

    It is funny how we all have the same experience.
    Maybe they are dreaming about pooping!
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    My DD does the SAME thing. I am glad to hear there are others out there!

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    My DS does the same thing and I was so worried about it the first few weeks, but talked with another new mom and she sad her DS did the same thing. That really helped

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