Has anyone taken black cumin seed oil (capsulae) while breastfeeding? Or else being told not to do so?

ok, here's the background of my question (a bit long, but I'd like to explain in details):
I am fighting with thrush for the second time: it's gone now, but I am continuing the cure (ointment on nipples) as recommended in order to prevent a relapse. I was wondering, besides the diet routine, what else could I do to avoid it acting up again, so I went to an herbalist's shop and was given these black cumin seed oil capsulae. After my question about the product and BF, the herbalist said "no harm at all, it's all natural!". Ok, I said, but natural doesn't equal "good", remember cicuta? (well, I didn't mention the cicuta, actually). Anyway, she said it was ok while BF.
But when I came home I thought I would give it a check myself, because she didn't seem very knowledgeble in the black seed/BF relation...
And I have found out that this seeds (nigella sativa, the latin name) were considered for centuries a panacea for everything, including increasing the milk supply... though I was still dubious, because all websites (tons of it) I could find were, like, vegan websites or similar (no offence, of course! I only mean "non-doctors" websites).
Finally, I found a website selling it (http://www.anastore.com/fiche_produi...gue=EN&id=CA50) where, hear hear, they say "Do not use in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or with young children." Well? What with the increase of milk supply then?
And I found also this:
where it's again recommended not to take it while BF b/c of a lack of modern studies...

I am well aware that this forum is not intended to be a place where you recive medical advise, and I am not asking to anybody her "allowance" to take the black cumin seeds... I was just wondering if anybody had experience with this black cumin and actually tried it, and possibly in what form/quantity... (btw my doctor knows nothing about it, I have asked - with "nothing" meaning not even knowing the seeds, let alone their possible effects )

thank you all!